A Quick Hello From Us Here At Maine Island Soap :-)

We would like to take this opportunity to say hello to our current, new and interested customers.

It is with tremendous gratitude and honor that we are now Maine Island Soap’s owners. Gisele certainly has carried out and created a reputable company and that is something we will continue to do as she passes the torch onto us. Our shared enthusiasm of all natural products will be the guiding light in making sure each and every handmade and hand cut soap will remain all natural and pure as the Maine Coast. We are looking forward to meeting you either by visiting your shop, seeing you at a craft fair or just simply by conversing through email or phone.

Be well,
Christina & Russ Fye 

3 thoughts on “A Quick Hello From Us Here At Maine Island Soap :-)

  1. Wendy Loucks says:

    Congratulations on your new business venture, Debbie told me about it. This is a great birthday present for my step-mom I call her my mother carol Hamor, I want to give her touch of Maine again,

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