One World. Many Lives. Our Choice.

Six words. Just six words sum it all up. Certainly, we could choose others – civility, kindness, giving, respect, compassion, hope – but “One World. Many Lives. Our Choice.” captures it all in a powerful and inspiring way. In our hearts, this message reminds us that we may all be different, with conflicting views on many things, but caring about others is a big part of who we are and what we want MAINE ISLAND SOAP to be.


We didn’t put these six words together; the Vegan Society did. We see these words in a more macro sense, but we feel that supporting those who choose a vegan life style is a wonderful way to honor our values about preventing exploitation of, or cruelty to, animals. So, we are thrilled to tell you that MAINE ISLAND SOAP has just been officially certified vegan and animal cruelty free through PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and we will soon roll out new packaging, with an additional logo:

Any remaining Honey & Oats bars are discounted and currently available in our shop. A new recipe with locally sourced, organic maple syrup is already being tested. More info to come!


Our minds are always going. Let us know if you have wishes for other scents or products. We take pleasure in thinking about all of you and ways we can best meet your “wants” as well as your “needs.” 


We take great pride in our soap being as “PURE AND NATURAL AS THE COAST OF MAINE.”  We hope you do too.


Be well.




PS: We would love for all of you who have used our soaps to share a way you have honored another person and/or a review on our Facebook page if you so choose!

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