Let’s Get to the Point

We wish you had seen our workshop when we took over MAINE ISLAND SOAP. It was bit of living life on a wing and a prayer. On a typical day, we had a two-burner hotplate on a table top, heating a lobster pot of coconut oil to just the right temperature. Certainly didn’t give us much of an opportunity to expand.

Ah, but those days have come and gone. Let us get to the point – well Hotpoint actually. Check out our “new” old Hotpoint – a circa 1952, bubblegum pink stove.

Does it bring back memories of your grandparents’ or maybe even your great-grandparents’ kitchens?

Besides making us smile every time we look in the corner and see bubblegum pink, this stove gives us space to test out new recipes. Just wait till you see what we have in store for the holiday season!

Wish you could be here to join us in a cup of hot chocolate, but in the meantime, sending warmth and good humor from our hearth to yours. Thank you for sharing a bit of your lives with us.

Be well.

PS: We would love for all of you who have used our soaps to share your favorite story from your grandparents’ kitchen and/or a review on our Facebook page if you so choose!

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