Natural Color

Have you ever wondered what attracts us to certain colors? Maybe even more interesting is what draws us to a particular hue. Why does one person choose royal blue and another sky blue? Or perhaps it’s emerald green over lime green. Different colors, shades, and tints evoke different responses.

In exploring color, we were delighted by nature’s sense of humor. One would think that beautiful lilacs would tinge things purple, pink, or blue. In fact, lilacs dye fabric yellow/orange. Or how about pomegranates? Would you think their skins could dye fabric anywhere from orange to khaki green? Tell that to your bright red fingers next time you eat the fruit’s delicious seeds.

Maine Island Soap is proud to offer our handmade soaps free of synthetic fragrances or artificial ingredients. The only colors you will find in our bars are those that are naturally infused by the essential oils, organic herbs, spices, clays, and seaweed that we use. We never add synthetic dyes — just pure and natural from the coast of Maine.

We value your needs and appreciate your patronage. Thank you for trusting us to deliver the best we can. ♥

Be well.


PS: We would love for all of you who have used our soaps to share how a particular color makes you feel and/or leave a review on our Facebook page if you so choose.

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