Shedding Some Light

There’s definitely plenty to be said about the more than 60 lighthouses that dot the Maine coast. The Marshall Point Lighthouse’s wooden runway to the tower was used as the backdrop for one part of Tom Hank’s cross-country trek in the movie “Forest Gump.” The easternmost point in the U.S., the town of Lubec, houses one of the few candy-cane striped lighthouses, known as West Quoddy Head Lighthouse. Each lighthouse has a unique history, but we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about the one in our backyard (so to speak).

What makes Bass Harbor Head Light Station so special is its incredible, cliff-side perch on the edge of Acadia National Park. Well known as a favorite for photography buffs, this lighthouse is one of the most recognized lighthouses in the country. Bass Harbor Head Light is situated on roughly three acres of land, which was bought for only $80 in 1857 (equivalent to about $2,900 in today’s currency)! Hmm, wonder what those three acres would go for now…

Lighting the way is such an important part of our lives, whether it’s ships, boats, cars, bikes, or our own two legs. Shedding light on a subject can be physical, like a flashlight, or metaphorical, like in our minds. Whichever way it happens and whenever it happens, we have to be open to exploring course corrections.

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