As we sit back and marvel at how much we’ve grown, we can only think, “A lot can happen in a year!” In just the last 12 months, we’ve gone 100% vegan, changed our logo and packaging, celebrated our 35th anniversary, and added four new soaps to our product line. Then, to keep things interesting (as if our heads weren’t already spinning), we transformed our website, opened our Maine Island Soap Gift Shoppe, began working with The Inn on Mount Desert in Bar Harbor to provide their hospitality amenities and L.L. Bean to provide soap for their Home Store in Freeport.

But through it all, it’s been you, our regular customers and patrons who have made it all worthwhile. Sometimes feedback comes when it’s least expected – like the propane delivery man who was so tantalized with the aromas wafting out of our workshop, that he asked to buy a variety of soaps for his wife as a gift. Amy C was so delighted with how our soaps lather up, she asked for a selection for her close friend’s 97th birthday. Something as simple as what Laura M wrote when we did the big reveal of our new packaging, “Really LOVE the new artwork on your boxes!! Beautiful” or Katherine W’s comment, “I love the tree cut out! Very cute!” are great reminders of how much we care about what you think.

Having all of you in our lives is something we are very proud of. We are so thankful for your patronage and want you to know that we are always thinking about new options to bring to you. Please know that your enjoyment of our soaps fuels our passion and let us know if you have any ideas you’d like us to pursue.

2020 will be a year of opportunity, but it will be done step-by-step. We’ve seen great results and are looking forward to the next horizon. In the meantime, we wish for each of you a happy, healthy, heartwarming year filled with all the best life has to offer.

Thank you and be well. 

Maine Island Soap

Pure. Natural. Vegan.

PS: We would love for all of you who have used our soaps to leave a review on our Facebook page if you so choose.

PPS:  The word art above was created on three New Year thoughts:

                        The best time for new beginnings is now

                        A little progress each day adds up to big results

                        Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret,

or fear

And so, the adventure continues…

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