Researching the origins of names may be a somewhat eclectic pastime, but oftentimes results in odd and interesting facts. Cumberland was the source for today’s adventure and it did not disappoint.

In early New England, churches were frequently the hub of the community and by researching their history, you can often follow the evolution of our communities. A perfect example of this is the Church Under the Ledge in North Yarmouth, Maine, which was not only a place of worship, but in the 1700’s, effectively the town hall as well. But as more people came to the area, they settled further away and travel to the Church became more difficult. People wanted their churches and civic centers close to their homes. The result was that new parishes began to be established, ultimately leading to the incorporation of Harpswell, Freeport, and Pownal, as their own separate and distinct towns.

By 1820, the area of North Yarmouth that would become known as Cumberland had its own church and wanted to incorporate as well. Over the objections of many North Yarmouth residents, the Legislature granted approval. Take a look at the border between the two towns and you get a visual of homeowners conflicted about which town they wanted to live in. But in 1821, the new town was officially named Cumberland, a word whose roots come from the ancient Celtic word “kombroges” meaning “compatriots.” Today, Cumberland and North Yarmouth share an excellent school system, working together as compatriots do.

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