The Equation

When Autumn comes around, we start reminding our kids to wear hats when they’re outside and use tissues to blow their noses. Remembering to throw the dirty ones into the trash is often a challenge, but a really good lesson to learn. Wintertime often brings concerns about being indoors and passing on colds, let alone the flu, from one family member, friend, schoolmate, or co-worker to another to another, and so on. Prevention is our goal and hand washing is the first line of defense. The professionals tell us: Wet hands. Lather up good for 20 full seconds. Rinse. Repeat frequently. In other words:

Water + Soap = Smart Precaution

But in keeping our hands washed, our skin loses some of its resiliency and needs extra nourishment. Traditional soaps have many chemicals that contribute to dry hands and cracked skin. Our handmade, cold pressed, vegan soaps have only natural ingredients. Take our sand beach cocoa butter bar for instance. It is made up of coconut, olive, & soy vegetable oils, soy shortening, and pure food grade cocoa butter. Now that’s a soap that can moisturize! Can’t you sense just how soft your hands can be?

Take care of yourselves. Get plenty of sleep. Drink lots of fluids. Make healthy choices. Keep those hands washed. But maybe the equation should be:

Water + Maine Island Soap = Softer, Smarter Precaution

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Be well 

Maine Island Soap

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